"Piano is a joy and learning it with Ms. Ryz makes it even better. ... "

"In her, we not only find a talented, accomplished pianist, but an inspiring teacher and mentor. ..."

"Jacqueline is an amazing teacher! She is kind, patient, and very encouraging and supportive. ...  "

"Jacqueline Ryz is a gifted pianist and teacher whose passion for music inspires audiences and students alike. ... "

"Not only has my daughter developed as a pianist ... she grew as a person with confidence and with poise. ..."

"Through piano, Jacqueline Ryz helped me explore and achieve a good work ethic, patience, determination and perseverence ..."

"Her encouragement of discipline and hard work has laid the foundation for many of my successes in life. ... "

"Our son is soaring ahead in his understanding, appreciation and passion for music and Jacqueline is a primary reason. ... "

" ... after many recitals and performances in the Winnipeg Music Festival, I no longer become nervous or agitated when performing or doing presentations on projects or science fairs. ..."

"Over the past eight years, I have been mentored by the most significant educational influence of my life, Jacqueline Ryz."

Thank you, Jacqueline for believing in me.



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My "Steinway" Studio

My studio is a brightly lit 500-square foot area, quite separate from the rest of my home which is in the St. Vital area of Winnipeg.

I teach on two seven-foot Steinway grand pianos inherited from my late father-in-law, John Melnyk Senior, renowned Winnipeg pianist and teacher. (One of these pianos is personally autographed to him by John H. Steinway!)

Jacqueline Ryz accompanying a student in a piano concerto

This two-piano configuration enables me to teach piano concerti to particularly committed students, even those in early grades; I have scores for a number of charming, easy concerti written for youngsters. My advanced students have performed concerti of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Grieg, Schumann, Liszt and Rachmaninoff in the Winnipeg Music Festival.

I always personally play the second-piano orchestral accompaniment for my own students in any two-piano performance. This ensures that they have enough rehearsal time with accompaniment to be comfortable with the ensemble.

I also inherited my father-in-law's library of music which, in combination with my own, gives me one of the most extensive collection of piano scores in Canada. I enjoy finding distinctive repertoire for each student that will both complement and extend their pianistic capabilities.

Raymond seated at the piano in front of music shelving