"Her knowledge of the instrument, its technical requirements and music genre is far-reaching ... "

"Over the past eight years, I have been mentored by the most significant educational influence of my life, Jacqueline Ryz."

"Jacqueline Ryz is a gifted pianist and teacher whose passion for music inspires audiences and students alike. ... "

"Not only has my daughter developed as a pianist ... she grew as a person with confidence and with poise. ..."

"Jacqueline is an amazing teacher! She is kind, patient, and very encouraging and supportive. ...  "

"Our son is soaring ahead in his understanding, appreciation and passion for music and Jacqueline is a primary reason. ... "

"In her, we not only find a talented, accomplished pianist, but an inspiring teacher and mentor. ..."

"Jacqueline will definitely be someone that I will remember as a teacher who has given me something that I will carry on for the rest of my life: the beautiful gift of playing the piano."


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Online lessons

Online lessons were a necessary adaptation for the challenging situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic However, I don't regard exclusively online lessons as a viable form of piano instruction on an ongoing basis.

Nevertheless, this form of teaching may still be useful as an occasional complement to in-studio lessons. For example, if illness, weather conditions or other complications make it impossible to attend a scheduled in-studio lesson, the make up lesson can be done online, still at the regularly scheduled time, which will be more convenient for everyone.

As of spring, 2022 I consider that the public health situation has now stabilized to the point where we can reliably return to in-studio lessons for vaccinated students. I am very hopeful that by continuing to take prudent precautions, including thoroughly washing hands before touching the keyboard and minimizing close contact in the studio, we can have a relatively normal, uninterrupted delivery of in-person lessons for the 2022-23 academic year.

In retrospect ...

Looking back over the two challenging pandemic years, I am very proud of you all for maintaining your piano practice and learning new music even though most of the time we could only work together on an online basis!

And a big thank you to your parents as well who were instrumental in helping you connect with me online and follow my instructions at home!

We did it! Congratulations to all participants - performers and parents - in the Spring Recital on Zoom, Wednesday evening, May 20, 2020!

Jacqueline overseeing Spring recital, 2020 online on Zoom!