"Her knowledge of the instrument, its technical requirements and music genre is far-reaching ... "

"She has been one of my biggest influences as a performer and it would have been impossible for me to reach this high level without her. ... "

"Piano is a joy and learning it with Ms. Ryz makes it even better. ... "

"In her, we not only find a talented, accomplished pianist, but an inspiring teacher and mentor. ..."

"Jacqueline will definitely be someone that I will remember as a teacher who has given me something that I will carry on for the rest of my life: the beautiful gift of playing the piano."

"She really brought my playing to a new level. ... I got into and was offered scholarships from both schools ... "

"Jacqueline Ryz is a gifted pianist and teacher whose passion for music inspires audiences and students alike. ... "

"Not only has my daughter developed as a pianist ... she grew as a person with confidence and with poise. ..."

"I have learned so much from you in both how to play and how to teach the piano, and I am always proud to say you were my piano teacher. ..."

"Through piano, Jacqueline Ryz helped me explore and achieve a good work ethic, patience, determination and perseverence ..."

"Jacqueline is an amazing teacher! She is kind, patient, and very encouraging and supportive. ...  "

"Her encouragement of discipline and hard work has laid the foundation for many of my successes in life. ... "

"Our son is soaring ahead in his understanding, appreciation and passion for music and Jacqueline is a primary reason. ... "

"Jacqueline is an amazing teacher! She is kind, patient, and very encouraging and supportive. ...  "

" ... after many recitals and performances in the Winnipeg Music Festival, I no longer become nervous or agitated when performing or doing presentations on projects or science fairs. ..."

"Over the past eight years, I have been mentored by the most significant educational influence of my life, Jacqueline Ryz."


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Teaching Philosophy

I welcome any student with a keen interest in music who is motivated to work towards goals and willing to make a commitment to achieving them.  I also enjoy working with fellow piano teachers seeking to enhance their own teaching.

My goal is to help my students progress to the best of their ability and instill a lifelong appreciation of music in the process. Jacqueline using an iPad to show a student a video

Over the years I’ve helped many people achieve their individual goals – young children gaining a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence through learning to play the piano, teenagers earning high school credits for success in Royal Conservatory examinations, and young adults pursuing the dream of earning acceptance to a university music program in performance.

I believe a sound balance of technique and musicianship as well as exposure to a wide variety of repertoire is fundamental to achieving any pianistic goal. Therefore, I include technical exercises in every lesson for students at all levels, and update assigned repertoire regularly, so that students are not just playing a prescribed set of examination pieces all year. Learning new pieces on a regular basis develops reading skills and awareness of different musical styles, which encourages students to explore repertoire on their own.

As students progress, I encourage them to develop their own sense of musicianship through thinking about structure, musical style, nuance and emotional content of the music they are playing.   This development can facilitate studies in other areas; many of my students also participate in high school bands, choirs or dance groups, and report their pianistic training is a great help.

Jacqueline discussing a score with one of her advanced students

Of course, progress towards any goal requires attention to detail, discipline, determination and accountability – attributes which will serve students well in their future studies, careers, and life in general.  In my experience, I’ve found that parents can play a key role in developing these attributes, especially for younger students, by encouraging regular, conscientious practice, and making scheduled practice sessions and lesson times a respected part of their youngsters’ weekly routine.

The rewards can be well worth it – and not just at the piano! The work-habits, self-confidence and poise acquired through the study and performance of music can create many opportunities in the future.   I’m always proud to see my students succeed in any field of endeavour.

Performance Opportunities

I believe learning to perform in public is an important aspect of students’ development.  Therefore, I arrange several opportunities each year for my students to perform at a variety of public venues, including The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Buhler Art Gallery, The Millenium Library, and "Musicians in the Making"

Students who are interested and demonstrate a commitment to practice may also play in the Winnipeg Music Festival and / or prepare for exams through The Royal Conservatory.  Since I am both a senior examiner for The Royal Conservatory and an experienced festival adjudicator, my students always know what is expected of them in such situations.

I also hold periodic "performance classes" for small groups of students to play for each other at my studio and offer constructive comments about their performances; I believe this helps students become more perceptive about their own playing. Several of my advanced students are already teaching to some extent themselves, which I very much encourage and support.

Jacqueline and students at Musicians in the Making, May 2019

Jacqueline and students at "Musicians in the Making" on the Piano Nobile of the Centennial Concert Hall prior to a Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra concert.